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Scoping the Enterprise LLM Market

Episode Summary

Naveen Rao of Databricks — and former founder of Nervana Systems and MosaicML — shares his thoughts on the state of large language models (LLMs), how they'll evolve, and how enterprises will adopt them.

Episode Notes

Naveen Rao, vice president of generative AI at Databricks, joins a16z's Matt Bornstein and Derrick Harris to discuss enterprise usage of LLMs and generative AI. Naveen is particularly knowledgeable about the space, having spent years building AI chips first at Qualcomm and then as the founder of AI chip startup Nervana Systems back in 2014. Intel acquired Nervana in 2016.

After a stint at Intel, Rao re-emerged with MosaicML in 2021. This time, he focused on the software side of things, helping customers train their own LLMs, and also fine-tune foundation models, on top of an optimized tech stack. Databricks acquired Mosaic in July of 2023.

This discussion covers the gamut of generative AI topics — from basic theory to specialized chips — to  although we focus on how the enterprise LLM market is shaping up. Naveen also shares his thoughts on why he prefers finally being part of the technology in-crowd, even if it means he can’t escape talking about AI outside of work.

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